Thumbs up to the Oval Track

Madam – I salute the Oval Track committee and the racers for their united stance in creating awareness for Autism Week, during their last racing event.

We take so much for granted in our lives, yet I have seen first hand how autism can affect a family and an individual with the ‘disorder’.

My one friend’s younger brother has autism and while there is nothing wrong with him in my eyes, I have seen how certain everyday things affect and scare him.

Going to shopping centres can be overwhelming for him on some days, and I have noticed how people often look and sneer at him for his behaviour. Not one person has ever questioned why he acts the way he does in a busy shopping complex, where loud sounds and different smells flood his senses. As he is only 10 years old, his behaviour is shirked off as naughtiness. My friend and his parents are glared at, because they can’t control their child.

It is also sad that many people judge autistic people and view them as stupid, which I can assure you is not true. Autistic children are highly intelligent and it angers me not many people try to understand.

However, the Oval Track has taken the time to create awareness to educate its spectators in understanding autism and it is heartwarming to see that not all people choose to be ignorant.

To the Oval Track team, well done on your last event!

Autism supporter

Quinton Boucher

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