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Madam – I am one of those people that believes your work colleagues become family, as you do spend the bulk of your time with them.

However, while it is advisable to form good relationships with your fellow staff, there are lines that should not be crossed. While these lines have been placed for good reason, I often find there are certain individuals who always seem to cross this invisible line and leave their colleagues pulling at their hair.

As a form of advice to all those working people, please refrain from bringing your personal issues to work.

I can empathise that your wife or girlfriend has left you, but don’t come to me every five minutes at the office to tell me how sad you feel. I feel sad because you won’t let me finish my work.

Sure I feel bad that your dog died, but I still have deadlines to meet. Lets rather meet after work to discuss how much Fluffy meant to you. Talking about him during office hours won’t bring him back, if it did, I need to talk to you about Freddy Mercury.

Your kids are doing bad at school? Not my problem. I like your children but I can’t solve the issue, only you, your significant other, the teacher and your children can resolve this problem.

Your cat had kittens? Cool, you have told me and now lets move on to our respective desks and do some work.

Socialising is for lunch time, but there is a good chance I want to eat my sandwich in peace and don’t want to hear how much it hurt when you gave birth to your oldest child.

Lets respect each other at work, leaving personal issues for after hours or when your colleagues have a few minutes to spare. Other than that, I don’t care whether or not your husband has just spent some ridiculous amount on his car. If you complain this much at the office, it is little wonder he likes to spend time in his garage. Men, don’t laugh. I have heard many men whine about their girlfriends. Please stop acting like a child, your girlfriend wanted a man and not some teary eyed boy.

I want to work

Quinton Boucher

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