MUST READ: Four ways for Newcastillians to celebrate Easter on a budget

Don't let a tight budget stop you from having fun this Easter!

Easter is a diversely celebrated occasion, and it has been celebrated for many years.

Chocolate Easter bunnies, speckled eggs, marshmallows and the anticipated Easter egg hunt, all play a role in what makes Easter special, but it is also what kills our wallets, and has us blasting our monthly budget to shreds.

Let’s face it, the price of Easter merchandise has become ridiculously expensive!

However, for those Easter loving peeps out there living on a string-tight budget, this one is for you!

Below are four tips to help you celebrate Easter without leaving you bankrupt.

1. You do not need new clothes:

Growing up, we would get new outfits for the family celebration, but honestly, we do not really need to spend a ton of money on a outfit that we will wear for only a couple of hours. It is a money waster. Go through your cupboard, find a nice and neat outfit, and mix and match your accessories. A gorgeous necklace and bracelet can make any outfit look brand new.

2. Bring your own:

Hosting the Easter family dinner? Save on the costs and have everyone contribute with salads, wine and even dessert. You also do not need to spend a fortune on wine, as many supermarkets regularly have great specials on the cheaper wine.

3. Get creative with DIY Easter eggs:

We all can agree Easter eggs have become way too expensive, so why not make and decorate your own Easter eggs? Melting chocolate is not that expensive, and neither are moulds. You can get quite creative here. You decide what colour the eggs will be, and what decorations will be on them.

Stuck for ideas? Watch the video in the link for some funky ideas: 

3 Cute DIY Easter Egg Ideas | Brooklyn and Bailey

4. Host a Easter Egg hunt in your own backyard:

Get up early and decorate your backyard with baskets and paper DIY bunnies. Find interesting spots to hide the eggs, draw up a funky map and watch the children have a blast in the comfort of their own home. Make it more fun and put together a cute Easter hamper for the winner of the hunt.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to have fun. Remember, at the end of the day, the purpose of Easter is to spend quality time with your family and friends, and give thanks.

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