Municipality turn a deaf ear to the state of the Fernwood weir

Building rubble and household refuse mar the area en-route to the weir in Fernwood.

FERNWOOD – Once a prestigious tourist site, now a white elephant – the weir in Fernwood is dubbed as a breeding ground for criminals and unscrupulous activity.

Residents claimed their security was questioned due to the lack of maintenance of the weir and the influx of informal settlements.

“I used to take my family on picnics and enjoy a day of fishing. Now I think twice before considering to even visit the place for a few minutes,” said a resident who wished to remain anonymous.

Aside from the dilapidated state of the ablution facilities, overgrown grass and broken alcohol bottles mar the area which once was used as a family park.

Murder, rape, suicide and theft are the crimes now related with the weir.

On a recent trip to the weir, Newcastle Advertiser noted illegal dumping as well as evidence of vagrant activity taking place at the weir.

The issue was brought to the attention of the municipality on March 6, to date no comment has been forthcoming.

Questions such as the lack of maintenance as well as the accumulation of rubbish that litter the route to the weir remain unanswered.

Building rubble has well as household refuse embedded into the ground are evidence of the last time the weir received much needed attention.

The Community Service Department was asked to assist with regards to a clean up operation and a possible refurbishment, via the municipality’s Communication Department and no response has since being received.

Security measures were also proposed and the future plans of the weir were questioned.

Tersia Gopi

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