To the Mayor: Newcastle Municipality State of the Town Address

Madam – Newcastle Municipality State of the Town Address.

To the Mayor of Newcastle:

Having attended the above town address I was very pleased and impressed by what had been expressed about our town of Newcastle.

I have been a resident of Newcastle for 35 years and each year, having attended ‘all’ these meetings, I wish to make certain remarks or statements.

Firstly, I love Newcastle very much. It has given me much joy; this is why I am writing this. Newcastle has grown tremendously. Since coming here and being interested, I became a member of the Ratepayers Association (not a member anymore) but found that at the above meeting, there were very few white people attending at the Farmers Hall, which I find very disturbing.

We, the residents need to take more interest in our town, assisting the town council and mayor by keeping our streets and pavements clean, neat and tidy, giving a good testimony to our town.

Some might say it is not our responsibility to do this. Would it not be wonderful if they would do just that? After all, it should be in their own interest to live in a good clean town.

What is also disturbing, having visited various places in Madadeni, Stilfontein and Siyahlala-la, I have found that the people’s property are always clean and tidy, and yet, riding behind taxis and cars coming from these areas, the occupants regularly throw litter from their windows, which causes our streets to look like rubbish bins.

Can something not be done to avoid this from happening? Maybe some education and examples to the taxi and car owners? Hopefully!

Lastly, what was also very pleasing to me, was that Apostle J. Sithole opened the above meeting in prayer. This is such encouragement to know Mayor, Cllr E. M. Nkosi, to bring in God as the great and only helper for Newcastle.

Apostle J. Sithole’s ministry was about, “if God is before us, who can be against us?” and we need to rely on Jesus Christ for this help. We will then be able to stand together, but if we be divided, we will surely fail.

He brought a wonderful message of God being in control.

Caroline Meintjies

Reveshni Moodley

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