Trim shaves Henrietta Street’s reputation

A contractor cuts his way through long grass on a Henrietta Street property.

GHANDI PARK – Overgrowth on Henrietta Street has finally been given a good trim.

On Tuesday afternoon, a resident contacted the Advertiser in relation to the same grass-choked property mentioned in an article last week.

The grass had grown untamed for almost three years.

Residents were concerned at the health and safety risks the grass posed, as well as its proximity to a temple and a school.

That problem is now a thing of the past.

Upon investigation on Tuesday, two men claiming to represent a private contractor were found to be trimming the long grass with a brushcutter.

Nearby residents and organisations are pleased with this step.

Representatives of the temple explained the property owner was there in person that morning, to pass along instructions to the contractors.

“We are thrilled the grass is finally being cut.”

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