Friendships rekindled after 30 years

Rajesh and Nirana Rajlall.

AMAJUBA PARK – After being apart for three decades, old friendships were reignited at the reunion of Lincoln Heights Secondary School Class of 1987.

Held at Amajuba TVET College’s training centre, HJ van Eck Street, old classmates gathered to reaffirm friendships and share childhood memories.

Lalitha and Jesse Chetty were among the ex-scholars who attended the night’s event.

“We knew back in school we had amazing friends, but seeing how they have grown into amazing people with careers and family is truly great,” said Mr Chetty.

As guests reminisced about their school escapades, they enjoyed the magic of being transported to yesteryear when their lives were intrinsically intertwined.

Quinton Boucher

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