Tuck youself into bed and prepare for #WorldSleepDay

A good night sleep is pivotal to your health.

Get your pillow and blankets ready, because March 17 is World Sleep Day!

The theme for this year is Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life, which shows a how good night’s sleep is one to one’s physical and mental well-being.

Sales and Marketing Executive, Ras Erasmus explained how vital sleep was.

“Sleeping well helps our brains function better, making us more successful in our jobs and at learning, as well as helping protect us.”

Apparently, a very high proportion of road accidents are due to impaired judgement because of sleep deprivation.

“Plenty of us forget one of the key fundamentals when we worry about how to improve our sleep quality, though,” Mr Erasmus said.

Although adults spent approximately a third of their lives asleep, people tended to spend less time selecting a mattress they sleep on.

Which is wrong, as one of the first things to check if you are suffering to sleep is the surface you sleep on.

Mr Erasmus said warning signs that your bed is contributing to a bad night’s sleep includes a worn out base and mattress.

Signs your bed is worn are a saggy, uneven and out of shape mattress and base.

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“Your body might be warning you that your bed is past its best,” Mr Erasmus cautioned.

A good night’s sleep is meant to leave a person feeling refreshed, re-energised and ready to take on the day’s challenges.

“But a worn-out bed might wear you out instead, so you toss and turn at night or get pins and needles when you are lying down, giving you poorer quality sleep.”

Ideally, a person should replace their mattress and base every 10 years.

Mr Erasmus believes that anyone who has not bought a bed in the past decade will be astonished at how developments in mattress technology based on the comfort-sell concept have spread across all levels of products to ensure a much better sleep at night.

Key technological advances to look for, included layers of memory foam that adapt to compensate for pressure points when you are lying down, new forms of springs with hinging to support your weight better and distribute it more comfortably and gel-beads to give a cooler feel.

When buying a new mattress, remember to budget for a new base as well, as a mattress only resolves part of the problem.

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Most consumers overlook the fact the fact that investing in a new bed, is investing in your health and future.

“That is why keeping your bed in good shape will help you keep in good shape as well, making it essential and not an indulgence,” Mr Erasmus concluded.

Quinton Boucher

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