Snakes and grass overrun village

Residents have complained about rampant overgrowth around the skip bins.

INGAGANE – The overgrowth in Ingagane has taken a serious turn for its inhabitants.

Residents reported to the Advertiser this week how fed-up they were, complaining about a blatant lack of service delivery which had serious consequences.

Among their concerns were the long grass and overgrowth.

According to one resident, the problem was worst near the municipal skips, and had resulted in something of a breeding ground for snakes.

It was both fear and anger which prompted the residents to come forward.

“The village looks so bad now. It hurts to see it falling apart.”

The resident complained the area around the sports grounds was in an equally terrible state, to the point where children were too scared to use the grounds for fear of snakes.

This has all but put an end to local soccer practices.

“The building next to the sports grounds can’t be used either. It looks like a dump inside and has been vandalised.”

A list of complaints was communicated by email to the relevant officials, through the municipality’s Communications Unit on Friday.

Something of a response was received on Tuesday afternoon.

Head of Parks, Recreation and Cemeteries, Vish Govender, asked for an urgent meeting to discuss the situation in Ingagane, on Wednesday afternoon.

In the meantime, residents said by Tuesday they were still waiting for intervention.

“At the moment, this place is no sight for sore eyes.”

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