Aging infrastructure in Newcastle CBD causes demise of water pipes

A burst pipe on Sutherland Street caused traffic to come to a standstill in the CBD last week.

NEWCASTLE CBD – Traffic was brought to a standstill after a burst pipe at the intersection of Scott and Sutherland streets caused parts of the road to cave in on Monday, March 6.

Municipal workers excavated a portion of the road to fix the pipe the very same day, and two lanes on Sutherland Street had to be closed.

The burst pipe was reported to the municipality that morning, and during repairs a fire hydrant nearby was opened to release some of the water pressure.

Municipal customer relations manager, Doctor Dumisani Thabethe said the water infrastructure in Newcastle was as old as the town itself.

“The road was repaired, but more work still needs to be done. A large area was damaged and therefore we have engaged our Roads Department to look into the matter.”

Referring to the recent rainfall, Dr Thabethe said the bursting of pipes cannot be attributed to water hammering.

“If it were due to water hammering, the pipe would crack along the length instead of snapping. Water pipes transport potable water, not stormwater,” he concluded.

Report leaking or burst pipes to the Water and Sanitation Centre on 0860 144 144.

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