#WackyWednesday: 10 of the strangest books ever written

Looking for a good read? Try ordering one of these books from your local bookstore?

As all bibliophiles know, little compares to falling into the depths of a book and its story.

However, there are books that the most avid book-lovers do not even know exist; books that will change the way you see the literature world.

Here are 10 of the strangest books ever made.

1. Unicorns Are Jerks by Theo Nicole Lorenz

This rather odd colouring book moves away from legendary tales where unicorns are serene creatures. Instead, the book claims they are rather obnoxious jerks.


2. How to talk to your cat about gun safety and abstinence, drugs, Satanism and other dangers that threaten their nine lives

Despite cats being a tad difficult at times, I cannot remember when last I had to talk to mine about her out-of-control drug habit and gun safety. I won’t even go into the Satanism, as my precious baby is way too sweet for that.


3. Snake Eyes – A Nicholas Cage Activity Book

Are you a Nicholas Cage fan? Great stuff! This rather strange book is filled with games, puzzles and colouring pages. However, it doesn’t show you how to become the next Ghostrider.


4. How to survive a garden gnome attack by Chuck Sambuchino

Ever heard strange noises in your garden in the dead of night? Well, if you have, it is most likely garden gnomes planning their deadly attack. This book will help you survive the impending onslaught.


5. How to be a drug dealer

Uhmm… Okay… I suppose if you need the extra cash the book could come in handy. But irrespective of the title, the book is a gag book, offering readers nothing more than a few laughs.


6. 5 Very good reasons to punch a dolphin in the mouth (and other useful guides)

I have no words for this book. Why would anyone want to punch a dolphin in the mouth? They are like the friendliest aquatic mammals ever. But each to their own, I suppose.


7. The Farting Animals Colouring Book

Flatulance is a normal part of life. However, why a person would want a colouring book about farting animals is beyond me.


8. Pop Sonnets by Erik Didriksen

Shakespeare is most likely turning in his grave, but this book takes some of the greatest music hits and gives them a Shakespearan touch. Could be interesting, I suppose.


9. Strangers have the best candy by Margaret Meps Schulte

A stranger is simply a person who we don’t know yet, so how do we know they don’t have the best candy? But seriously, don’t take the candy.


10. Dinosaurs with jobs

Dinosaurs never went extinct, they simply got jobs, as this colouring book shows. If they have jobs, it is little wonder we no longer see them roaming around.

Quinton Boucher

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