Going Irish with Pint & Pigout

Norbert Kade, Sizwe Nsele, Cathy Kade and Louis van Wyk are ready to celebrate St Patrick's Day on Friday. Are you?

HUTTEN PARK – Come March 17, Irish people around the world will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day with tremendous cheer.

St Patrick’s Day was officially declared a Christian feast day in the 17th century, commemorating St Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.

On St Patrick’s Day, Irish communities enjoy a day of fun and culture.

While the day was previously celebrated only in Ireland, as well as certain parts of Canada and America, Newcastle will also be celebrating St Paddy’s Day.

On Friday, Pint & Pigout will host a St Paddy’s Day bash.

A live band will perform from 7pm to put patrons in a festive mood.

An Irish pub meal and some Guiness will also be available at a mere R78.

Adding to the night’s fun, patrons are encouraged to dress up for the occasion, as guests will be judged to see who is wearing the most creative and original outfit.

Be sure to visit the Pint & Pigout this Friday night for good old-fashioned, green Irish fun.

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