When a daily boost becomes your addiction

Many people resort to energy drinks and boosters to get through their day.

NEWCASTLE CBD – Despite the availability of multi-vitamins, many people resort to an overload of energy drinks and boosters to get through their daily lives.

You wake up tired and moody, and the first thing you do is reach for a booster. Within minutes you are feeling as fresh as a spring chicken. This works for about the first month.

But after a while, one booster just doesn’t cut it any more.

One booster turns into two, then three and before you know it, your body craves more and you experience anxiety, mood-swings and headaches.

You decide to change the product. You find a new booster that contains even more caffeine which works for a while, but after a while, you are back at square one.

Yes, one can become addicted to energy drinks, which is actually an addiction to caffeine.

What ingredients do these energy products contain?

A typical 10ml booster sachet contains the following ingredients:

– 5.33mg vitamin B1

– 5.2mg vitamin B2

– 14mg vitamin B3

– 3mg vitamin B6

– 4mg vitamin B12

– 3.66mg D-Pantothenol

– 60mg calcium citrate

– 300mg calcium gluconate

– and 90mg caffeine – Which is equivalent to two strong cups of instant coffee. Keep in mind, a 250ml can of energy drink can contain as much as 166mg of caffeine.

– and 10 per cent of a 10 ml booster sachet is clean alcohol.

Not everyone is aware of the detrimental effect of energy products on the human body and organ functions, from cardiovascular problems, to liver and kidney failure.

Research has shown that the side effects are endless. Below is a list of just a few ways energy product addiction damages your body:

– Stress hormone release.

– Niacin (vitamin B3) overdose: Symptoms of niacin include skin flushing, dizziness, rapid heart rate, vomiting, itching, gout, and diarrhoea.

– High blood pressure due to the high amount of caffeine.

– Allergic reactions.

– Vomiting and dehydration.

– Jitters and nervousness.

– The high sugar content in energy drinks eventually wears out insulin-producing cells of the pancreas, which causes type 2 diabetes.

– Insomnia.

– Increased anxiety.

– Headaches and migraines.

– Cardiac arrest.

Instead of resorting to energy boosters, rather consult your medical practitioner to help find the root of your problem to relieve constant tiredness.

After all, your addiction does not only affect you, but everyone else around you as well.

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