Long grass and bricks obscure motorists’ visibility

Long grass and bricks in Flamingo Street hamper motorists vision.

AVIARY HILL – Overgrown grass in Merle Street, Aviary Hill, has been blamed for the damage to a lapa at a home situated at the intersection of Merle and Flamingo streets.

“We were away on holiday, when we got phoned on Saturday, March 4, to be told someone had driven into our lapa. We think the motorist didn’t know he couldn’t drive straight, as the grass is long and has not been cut in over two years,” said the irate resident who opted to remain anonymous.

Allegedly, he contacted his ward councillor on numerous occasions, but to no avail.

The resident also alleged bricks on a vacant plot of land in Flamingo Street, at the same intersection, obscured the view of motorists, and together with the long grass posed a threat to home and hearth, especially during the dry winter months when veld fires were prevalent.

“More than 20 000 bricks were delivered in February and they have been there ever since. We have reported this to our ward councillor as well, as the bricks are placed in such a way that they hamper a driver’s view of the road when taking the corner.”

Overgrown grass is also problematic at the intersection of Loerie Street and Albatros Avenue.

The grass, as at Merle and Flamingo streets, has not been cut for months and hampers motorists’ vision.

Ward 2 Councillor, Bebsie Cronje gave the owner of the bricks on the pavement 14 days to remove them.

“I have taken it up with the relevant departments and the site will be investigated this week again to see whether or not the bricks have been removed.”

The long grass in Flamingo Street remains uncut, although Cllr Cronje has reported it.

The grass in Loerie Street cannot be cut by the municipality, as the property is owned by the Department of Education. However, Cllr Cronje said she was following the matter up in order to resolve the matter.

The municipality was contacted for comment, but none was forthcoming at the time of going to print.

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