Letter to editor: My two cents worth on Predator targets teens


Madam – Your article “Predator targets teens” of March 3 refers.

In this enlightened day and age, it still shocks me that some teenagers are not more careful on social media.

While the teen in this case is to be commended for raising alarm and letting her parents know what was happening, what bothered me was the ease in which she gave out her private information to a complete stranger and allowed him to contact her via whatsapp.

I personally believe that no child younger than 16 should be allowed to have social media accounts, purely because they are simply not mature enough to deal with situations like this.

It sickens me to think what could have happened to this child if the suspect in question had more resources at his disposal to track her down. She could easily have become yet another statistic to add to this country’s list of victims.

The world we live in is vast, but because of technology it feels infinitely smaller. We are all brought together by social media, which when used correctly, has the immense power of being both useful and connecting humans from around the globe.

The problem is because, unfortunately, not everyone uses this power for good.

There are entire networks of people using social media as a tool to prey on the innocent, the vulnerable, and the ignorant. If you allow your young child access to this world, without proper supervision and education, their innocence may put them in real danger.

Parents cannot have eyes everywhere, no matter how much they may want to. That is why proper education and a healthy fear of the repercussions of social media should be instilled in their children from a young age. There is no point shying away from the topic of sexual predators, because if you do, your child might learn about it the hard way.

To the parents in this instance, thank you for exposing this issue and allowing this to educate other parents and children. It must not be easy to put yourself out there, knowing the criticism you would have to face in a small community. I sincerely hope your teenager has learned a valuable lesson, and thank God that His intervention happened before something serious occurred.

I also hope the person who is preying on these innocent young girls is caught and made to pay for his sick deeds.

Social surfer

Reveshni Moodley

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