Sewage leaks cause a stench in residential suburbs – Gemsbok Avenue particularly affected

Sewage flowing freely from a sewage system in Gemsbok Avenue.

HUTTEN HEIGHTS – During the course of the week, Newcastillians were forced to wade through sewage.

This comes after numerous sewage leaks were reported in Gemsbok Avenue, as well as in Mossie, Ayliff  and Fyfe streets.

“This happens on a regular basis and we are forced to drive through this water, which in my eyes is a health hazard,” claimed a resident from Fyfe Street.

The resident lives in La Brie Retirement Village, and said the sewage water would often begin leaking in a vacant plot of land next to the property, before flowing into the retirement village.

“The smell is unbearable when the sewage system leaks; the smell even goes into our flats.”

He said several reports were made to the municipality, but nothing had been done in terms of a long-term solution.

“They just come out and stop the leak, until it starts again.”

Gemsbok Avenue was one of the most problematic areas. DA Councillor, Bebsie Cronje said she was disgusted and tried to help in resolving the issue.

“While it is not my ward, I cannot just ignore the problem. What gets to me, school children and other pedestrians have to walk through this.”

The sewage leak was reported by the community more than once, and at least five individuals were given a reference number.

“This is outrageous! It breaks my heart to see Newcastle going down the drain because of poor leadership.”

Ward 4 Councillor Bertie Meiring said the leak in Gemsbok Avenue was resolved this morning.

“The source of the leak was opened three times yesterday, and I was promised that a team would resolve the matter.”

The team addressed the issue this morning. However, Cllr Meiring said a de-sanitisation team would also clean the filth during the course of the day. The municipality addressed the leakage in Mossie Street this morning, although the waste is still to be cleaned.

While a blockage was responsible for all the leaks in town, it is speculated aging infrastructure had to be replaced to avoid similar incidents.

The Municipality is yet to comment on the matter.


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