#FoodPornFriday: Fascinating food artists

We all know devouring food is probably the best part of life, but has an obsession for food ever led you to want to spend hours with the treats you love, and instead of eating them, you transform them into epic art pieces?

Below is a list of who we thought deserved to be in the Top 5 of food artists.  To view more magnificent creations, visit Web Ecoist.

1. Jason Mecier

Jason Mecier is a mosaic artist who creates portraits made of unexpected materials – namely, food. Potato chips, beans, hamburger buns, candy, cookies, noodles, and pretzels come together to portray the images of celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell, Rachel Ray, Jerry Seinfeld and Kristy Yamaguchi. The subjects of his portraits have left comments on his website, like this gem from Boy George: ““How fabulous! I’m a linguine head.”

2. Jim Victor

Sculptor Jim Victor spends hours in extremely cold freezers, sculpting mounds and mounds of butter into life-size figures of horses, children, and of course, cows. Butter isn’t the only food material he works with – he has created sculptures in chocolate and cheese, as well as mounds of fruits and vegetables. He also works in traditional media like bronze and wood.

3. Christel Assante

French sculptor Christel Assante uses the naturally delicate qualities of eggshells to create sculptures that are extraordinarily fragile, creating designs that almost resemble lacework in their intricacy. Assante creates custom designs for buyers, working in mostly quail and goose eggs. Each egg takes her about 3 to 4 days to sculpt. The eggs are lit from a small bulb placed inside through a hole in the bottom.

4. Carl Warner

Deep purple cabbage leaves stand in for a moonlit sea, while salmon slices resemble a lake glittering in the midday sun. Herb grass, broccoli trees, baguette mountains, potato rocks and red onion hot air balloons create surreal landscapes in the foodscapes of artist Carl Warner. Warner sketches out the scenes first and then uses pins and super glue to hold together his creations, which take a few days each to complete.

5. Prudence Emma Staite

A contemporary artist that works almost entirely in chocolate, Prudence Emma Staite wants people to experience her art with all of their senses. She creates jewellery, paintings, sculpture, games and even entire rooms from chocolate –but the sweet stuff isn’t her only favorite medium. She also made sculptures of the Colosseum, Spanish Steps and Pope Benedict XVI using enough pizza dough to make 500 pizzas for an exhibit at the Museum of London.


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