LETTER: Disgusted by the greed of some people

Madam – Your article last week, “Good Samaritan picks up the tab” refers.

Well done to the angel who is helping others by doing this good deed, with no recognition! There are not many people willing to pay someone else’s bill, especially in this difficult economic time where just trying to make ends meet each month is a challenge.

I was actually reading about this person on a Facebook page, where someone posted to thank her for her generosity, and some of the comments there shocked me.

Many residents were saying they wished to have a friend like her to pay all their bills, and if the woman could afford to pay someone’s bill, why didn’t she instead donate the money to someone to buy groceries or pay for someone’s groceries.

There were many comments like this and I was completely shocked! No wonder this woman prefers to stay anonymous.

If this is the type of reaction she gets from doing something so selfless, is it any wonder people keep to themselves and do nothing for their fellow human beings? I read those comments with disgust, because it seems like the typical South African mentality is abundant even in our town.

People want to get things for free from someone else who had to work hard for their money. They are more than happy to take, take, take, and seem to feel no shame in it. What in the world is wrong with you people?

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When did it become normal to read a story like this and automatically want the same treatment, while doing nothing to earn it. I know our politicians all behave like this, but I would think our hard-working community would know better.

I was clearly wrong. Is this what you will be teaching your children? That it is okay to covet and envy and want and take without doing anything to earn? If so, I truly feel sorry for this country, and for this world.


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Reveshni Moodley

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