Good news in the middle of flooding

A drone photograph taken by Rashaad Sallie, the

Newcastle experienced its share of tragedy these last couple of weeks.

Although it was so desperately needed, when the rains came down, it brought with it flooding on a scale we have not seen for many years. Almost overnight, the rivers and dams were full again.

While many thanked God for His mercy, others were left devastated by the floods.

Along Finnemore Street, many areas of the CBD, and other areas close to the Ncandu River, the burst banks resulted in flooding on a scary scale.

Many residents were forced to evacuate and flee to areas of safety, set up by hard-working councillors and residents.

What was heart-warming was the way the community banded together to help, showing yet again that in times of hardship, this small community will always extend a helping hand to its fellow man.

From a media point of view, our job was to highlight areas of possible threat, make sure the community knew where to go and who to contact for help, and ensure everyone was kept informed.

We also questioned why this tragedy had to occur at all, when many years ago, residents were promised measures would be put in place to prevent this type of devastation.

While we still await answers, one thing has become clear. In times of need, never doubt the good nature of your fellow Newcastillian.

The community did great things this week, and donations are still coming in for those who have lost everything.

If you want to know what you can do to help, click here.

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