Budget paves way for Madadeni roads

Damaged roads such as Drakensberg Drive are maintained as required, while new roads are dependent on the IDP.

MADADENI – If you want a new road built, it may be a long wait.

Last year, a Madadeni resident contacted the Newcastle Advertiser about his proposal, to have a stretch of dirt road in Section 5 tarred by the municipality.

The road in question leads to a prominent church in the township.

An outline of his proposal and a number of subsequent questions were forwarded to the municipality through its Communications Unit.

Sadly, the matter only received response at the end of last week.

The feedback from Strategic Executive Director of Technical Services, Lindile Zincume has pulled back the curtain on municipal processes when it comes to roads.

“Roads are identified through stakeholder consultation including input from ward residents.”

This information is used to compile the Integrated Development Plan (IDP), a document which drives decisions in the budgetary process.

Mr Zincume said the IDP was a guiding tool to implement various projects, including tarring.

“Once projects are agreed on, they form part of the IDP, which is a five-year implementation plan.”

Unlike requests for repairs, Mr Zincume explained requests for initiating capital projects took time and were prioritised according to lists within the IDP.

“These change based on the annual budget plans and annual adjustment plans.”

In the meantime, residents are urged to continue reporting any road faults to the municipality, such as potholes, rutting and sinkage.

These matters can not be resolved if the municipality is unaware of them.

Roads which are still awaiting urgent action include Oak Avenue in Arbor Park, and Drakensberg Drive near the old Monte Vista Casino.

The latter crumbled away after what appears to be pipe maintenance nearby.

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