CCTV cameras in CBD are 80 per cent operational

According to the Newcastle Municipality, CCTV cameras around Newcastle are about 50 per cent functional.

NEWCASTLE CBD – After a shop was recently robbed at gunpoint, the functionality of CCTV cameras in the CBD was put in the spotlight

Protection Services Chief Security Officer, Pieter Marais explained the CCTV surveillance system had been exposed to a power surge as a result of adverse weather, which damaged several servers on January 7.

“It had affected 60 per cent of the CCTV cameras, causing them not to be fully functional. The contracted service provider was informed and is currently attending to the matter to assess the extent of the damage.”

Mr Marais said the extent of the damage would determine when the CCTV cameras would be fully operational again, as the servers had reached the end of their lifespan.

The Newcastle Municipality was in the process of procuring a new, updated Wireless IP CCTV City Surveillance System to replace the outdated one, he added.

Since then, it has been confirmed by Newcastle Municipality Strategic Executive Director for Community Services, Mandla Sithole, that the surveillance system is currently 80 per cent operational, as the cameras were reprogrammed to function from the remaining servers.

He said the preferred service provider assessed the extent of the damage caused by the power surge and established that some of the servers had to be replaced.

“The Newcastle Municipality is awaiting the finalisation of the insurance claim forwarded to the insurance company to have the servers replaced.”

“The cameras are reliable because they are regularly maintained and serviced. However, in the event of direct lightning the equipment is prone to damage.”

The municipality strove to have faulty cameras repaired as soon as possible, he concluded.

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