Roulette Masters Tournament will test the nerves of the daring at Blackrock Casino

Quinton Boucher, the winner of the guests’ game, with Candice Chetty and Musa Mthethwa from Blackrock Casino. Mr Boucher chose Newcastle Crisis Centre as his charity of choice.

Roulette is not only a game of chance, but one that requires nerves of steel and the uncanny ability to select a lucky number.

However, for those who can challenge Lady Luck, there is the Roulette Masters Tournament, hosted by Tsogo Sun casinos across the country, where the ultimate roulette champion stands a chance to win thousands of Rands.

Blackrock Casino introduced the riveting tournament to roulette enthusiasts on Saturday, hoping a Newcastillian would represent the team at the finals at Gold Reef City later this year.

“We will have to two people going through to the Grand Finals,” said Blackrock’s marketing manager, Candice Chetty.

Ms Chetty explained contenders would have to go through various qualifying rounds.

“After each round, the player gets a score and the person with the highest score will then be able to go through to the finals.”

Once the highest scorer is selected, Blackrock Casino will host a special qualifying round on March 11, where those with the lowest scores will compete to find a winner to join the highest scoring player.

Adding fun to Saturday night’s proceedings, invited guests played three rounds of roulette, using chips donated by the casino. The winner could select a charity of their choice to benefit from a R5 000 donation by the casino.

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Quinton Boucher

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