LETTER: Every day should be celebrated with love

Madam – I want to share with you what my partner and I will be doing for Valentine’s Day.


That’s right – we will not be going out for a fancy dinner, and we won’t be participating in a glamorous photoshoot, and we won’t be purchasing overpriced, cliché presents for each other.

The reason is simple – we don’t need one day, and we don’t need to spend a fortune, to remind us of our love for each other.

Like most other holidays on the calendar, Valentine’s Day has become little more than a commercialised holiday, intent on telling couples they are not truly in love unless:

– they get a huge bouquet of very expensive flowers

– their partner treats them to an expensive meal at the best restaurant in town

– their partner proposes

– their partner turns into Gordon Ramsey or Nigella in the kitchen and Christian Grey or Dita von Teese in the bedroom.

It’s enough to make anyone cynical!

Love should not be a commodity. There should be no way to ‘buy’ affection from the people who truly matter. Love is in the everyday, ordinary things that couples do for each other, like holding a door open for your partner to go through first, or doing the dishes after your partner cooks, or even cleaning up after your pets because you know your partner hates doing it.

It’s those little things that show true affection, not buying flowers on the most commercialised day of the year.

Lovesick in Newcastle

Reveshni Moodley

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