Newcastillians meet the new Triton

The Mitsubishi Triton devouring the off-road course.

PIONEER PARK – You’ll never know how tough a vehicle is, until it’s pushed to the limit.

In a bid to show off the extreme capabilities of its new Triton, Stucky Mitsubishi unveiled a new 4×4 track at a launch function at Majuba Lodge.

Mitsubishi Sales Manager, Brett Botes elaborated on this new development.

“The track was designed by Jan Smith from LA Sport. Charlie’s Plant Hire loaned a TLB (Tractor-Loader-Backhoe) and we placed the markers on the course.”

Mr Botes explained the course was designed to test a vehicle on approach and departure angles, brake-over, chassis twisting and suspension, and also incorporated two pitched embankments.

In his words, the course tested every aspect of off-roading.

“Unless you’re a real off-roader, you might never test the vehicle that way. We opened the course so if a client is in the bush, they know the vehicle can handle it.”

The precise cost of the course was difficult for Mr Botes to calculate, based on the donors and sponsors who loaned of their time and equipment.

For Stucky Mitsubishi, the main costs went toward the launch and markers.

“We took many people through the course and they were impressed with the way the Triton handled,” Mr Botes added.

The launch function on Saturday had clients behind the wheel of the new Triton, which enjoys numerous upgrades in terms of strength, comfort and control.

Mr Botes said it was basically a whole new vehicle.

When not putting the Triton through its paces, clients browsed the various flea market stalls and mingled with other enthusiasts.

Quinton Boucher

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