LETTER: Ashamed of Newcastle

Madam – I really sympathise with the municipality.

I have seen so many people littering and dumping with no second thought and it’s probably not easy to go behind them and clean up all the time. While I understand the municipality is in charge of cleaning parks and more, their job is made no easier by inconsiderate residents.

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The money the municipality has spent on putting up signs saying there is no dumping allowed, has just been wasted. A number of these have been vandalised already, most notably the one on Finnemore Street, where the sign has been spray-painted so it now says, “Dumping allowed”.

Erecting signs has absolutely no impact whatsoever, which means that even putting them up is a waste of money if nothing is being done to actually stop the problem. One solution may be erecting cameras at key locations where dumping is taking place, to catch residents who dump red-handed and then fine them accordingly.

In the meantime however, I agree that dumping and littering are social ills that even good education cannot eradicate. Campaigns these days have the same effect as no-dumping signs – they don’t work if children don’t care. And if adults don’t care, why should children do any differently?

I have seen many people complaining on social media about issues like dumping and long grass and littering but I can almost guarantee these people are hypocrites, who do the same thing when they think no one is watching.

These professional complainers need to do more than “expose” people who do wrong in society. How about getting off your high horse and actually doing something proactive? Like taking photos and reporting it to the authorities or even picking something up yourselves. But no, you won’t.

Because that would be too easy wouldn’t it?

You would rather turn into a keyboard warrior and moan about everything that’s wrong, instead of doing the decent thing, trying to make something right.

Ashamed of Newcastle

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