Illegal dumping remains problematic

Municipal workers clean up the area at Hathorn Street at least twice a week.

FERNWOOD – Known as the dump street of Fernwood, a section in Hathorn Street has become a makeshift dumpsite over the course of a few years.

Although municipal workers claimed they cleaned the area at least twice a week, it remains overrun with household waste, building debris and garden refuse.

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Numerous interventions by Ward 3 Councillor, Matthew Shunmugam, seem futile.

Earlier last year, ‘no dumping’ signs were strategically placed to ward off offenders. Despite the possibility of facing a fine of R750, litterbugs turn a blind eye and continue damaging the environment.

The addition of three more municipal skips was introduced to allay the overflow of rubbish, but it seems ineffective.

Cllr Shunmugam claimed, businesses operating from houses in the area contributed to the pollution. Recently a driver of a truck was caught red-handed discarding some cardboard.

“I confronted the driver of the truck. He indicated he was going to dump the refuse at the bins. I asked him to take his refuse to the dump site. From my observation, business houses should refrain from utilising these bins which are intended for residential use. When their bins are overflowing, they resort to using these bins which are for the dumping of garden refuse only,” said Cllr Shunmugam.

A security guard was assigned to the area almost a month ago to help alleviate illegal dumping, but it brought only temporary relief.

“We have posted a security guard at the site, and this has helped to a certain extent. It is best to address the problem when the transgression takes place as I have done in this case. ”

Fed-up with the blatant disregard of the environment by offenders, Cllr Shunmugam promised to take this matter one step further.

“I suggest we start a name and shame campaign on social media. Hopefully the offenders would be embarrassed and refrain from such acts. I have also noticed some residents are inconsiderate and have little to no respect or concern for the wellbeing of their fellow residents. Others are reluctant to act and simply turn a blind eye to such problems,” he said.

“The amount of the fine needs to be revisited and offenders need to be fined accordingly. Harsh measures need to be taken to curb this bad practice,” he concluded.

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