No wicked witches lurk in the dark

In Wicca, red candles can represent love, health and strength.

NEWCASTLE – Sinister altars, boiling cauldrons and sacrifices to an evil deity are what give a witch supernatural powers.

At least, that is what horror films and books proclaim, but it seems the image of a wicked old crone hell-bent on wreaking havoc is grossly misguided.

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Wishing to remain anonymous to protect her family, a local witch refuted general perceptions about pagans and their beliefs.

“What is a witch? It is a wise woman who uses herbs and plants to heal people. I use natural remedies with ingredients such as ginger, peppermint and other similar plants. I also cast spells as well to help people.”

Having practised witchcraft for several years, the witch said the mere idea that witches possessed demonic powers, turning people into toads, and witches flying on broomsticks was laughable.

“We have no super powers and the whole toad thing is ridiculous,” she laughed.

She said people often went out of their way to make her life and the lives of others with similar beliefs, as miserable as possible.

“When my son was in school, the principal phoned me one day and said he did not want my sort at his school. Apparently, I was a devil worshipper and my son an atheist, which to him was the same as being a satanist.”

Despite the accusations, she claimed she had never harmed a soul. “I have never sacrificed an animal or human. I am a human being, just like everyone else. Some view us as evil, but there is no evil in what we do.”

Following the Wiccan path, the witch claimed her path was considered to be pagan as it fell under the same umbrella as other belief systems that differed from mainstream religions.

Wicca draws upon a diverse set of ancient pagan and 20th century hermeticism for theological and ritual practices. It was developed in England and was introduced in 1954 by Gerald Gardner.

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“There is no set standard with Wicca and I do not need a coven to meditate, have rituals or cast spells. I can merely ask the god or goddess for help.”

The concept of a masculine and feminine deity is deemed to bring balance to a person’s daily life and the world as a whole.

“The masculine god is represented by earth and water, while the feminine is represented by plants, air, animals and reproduction. You need to worship both as you need balance. The female is just as good as the male,” she explained.

Dedicated to her spiritual journey encompassing nature and the gods, the witch claimed she often assisted people with spells.

“I do spells for people, but when I do one, they need to do their part as well to make it work.”

One of the instruments used to cast a spell, is the pentacle, a five pointed star, often regarded as demonic.

“Satanists turned it upside down and gave it a bad image, but the pentacle represents air, water, earth, ether and yourself. There is nothing evil about it at all.”

While focusing on spells to attract positivity, happiness and repairing relationships, the witch said she was fully capable of casting a curse.

“While Wiccans believe we shall hurt no one, I can and will cast a curse in self-defence if I feel my loved ones or I are being threatened.”

While the witch keeps her broomsticks clean for the day when she is able to soar through the sky, she is looking for other Wiccans. “I can’t be the only one in town and would like to meet others with the same belief system.”

She encouraged the community to refrain from judging those with different belief systems. “I don’t judge others and neither do a lot of other witches,” she concluded.


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