Peacock Crescent has become an illegal dumping site

The area around Peacock Crescent is littered with refuse.

AVIARY HILL – Peacock Crescent is slowly being overrun with refuse.

Allegedly, residents have been dumping rubbish illegally next to the street.

A resident claimed she had reported the matter several times.

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“This has been going on for a number of months, but whenever I complain, I get told the issue will be looked into and that is far as it goes,” she said.

Doctor Thava Kelly from Community Services Waste Management said the municipality was aware of the problem.

“People should be more responsible. The municipality does not have the resources to continue cleaning up after irresponsible people. The enforcement unit will be investigating and charging people for the offence.”

She insisted the department could not continue removing illegally dumped rubbish.

“The tariff paid is only sufficient for bag collection and CBD clean-up.

There are no resources to even clean up the suburbs. The department at times sends staff to litter-pick in the suburbs. We urge residents and the building industry to be more responsible. Waste can be discarded at the landfill site on the Madadeni Road at no cost to residents.”

Dr Kelly warned perpetrators they could be fined.

“Offenders should be prepared for community work in addition to a fine. The municipality is not going to clean up the mess. The offenders will be charged.”

It is unclear when the refuse will be cleared from Peacock Crescent.

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Quinton Boucher

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