Resident pens open letter to President Jacob Zuma

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Madam – Open letter to President Zuma.

Dear Mr Jacob Zuma,

With all due respect, Mr Zuma, I herewith would like to take the opportunity to explain and support my address to you as merely Mr, and not The Honorable Mr President. It is my humble opinion that such a title should only be bestowed on a person that is deserving, one who can be said to uphold the constitution.

The reason why I took the time to write this letter is to challenge you, Mr Zuma, to give South Africa and it’s citizens, a well deserved Christmas present. Although the ANC has opted to keep you as leader, it does not mean that your employers, the tax paying citizens of South Africa, are happy with your performance.

Neither does it mean that the taxpayers in general would like to keep you on in your current position as President of the country.

Please recall that during the late 1970s this country had a president by the name of Balthazar Johannes Vorster (1915-1983) who briefly served as State President from 1978 to 1979. I recall that Mr Vorster and other members of the Cabinet, were involved in what became known as the Muldergate Scandal, in which State funds were channelled to

further propaganda to the English speaking citizens of the time, by buying the Citizen newspaper.

The idea was to use the English newspaper to influence the English vote. When this plot came to light, Mr Vorster took the larger part of the blame and resigned as State President in 1979. The decision to not only resign, but to also to take the punishment on behalf of his government, is a noteworthy act in the times we live in today. The ruling party of the day sold the newspaper again, and made amends by returning the money in full.

Another noteworthy example is that of Mr Pietie du Plessis, a former cabinet minister (1981-1982) who was handed a nine-year jail sentence in 1993 for 17 counts of fraud involving R30-million. This man’s actions were never covered up, nor was he protected by the political party he served.

In light of these and other examples not mentioned, Mr Zuma, I wish to draw attention to the damage caused by your tenure as President, directly and indirectly, to the ANC, the economy of this country and the contribution to the shocking levels of unemployment of your people. I call upon you to stand for the actions that were taken by you like a man and face the music.

Since your days in high-level politics are numbered, I would like to challenge you to act in the interest of the country and expose the role that Mr Des van Rooyen played in his four days as Finance Minister in the campaign to get rid of Minister Pravin Gordhan.

In closing, Mr Zuma, what would you consider to be a fitting and well deserved Christmas present to South Africa? The only thought that comes to mind is that of announcing your retirement over the festive season.

In advance I would like to wish you a happy and quiet retirement.

Marthinus Smit

Reveshni Moodley

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