Hope on the horizon for Barry Hertzog Park

The neighbourhood centre appears to be in a better condition that usual.

BARRY HERTZOG – It seems all hope is not lost for residents living in Barry Hertzog Park.

After months, if not years of constant fear and disgust at the severe deterioration of the suburb, the municipality has finally started attending to residents’ concerns.

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Resident, Christelle Venter said it seemed the shopping complex and the neighbourhood itself, were eventually getting service.

She was quite surprised when she recently saw municipal workers cutting over-grown grass, but was sceptical if maintenance would continue.

She also noticed an illegal care wash business in H.J Van Eck Drive had ceased operations.

Most of the students residing in the area went away for the holidays, and peace and quiet were restored, but Mrs Venter was dreading the new year when students would return to communes.

“Our neighbourhood is almost normal again.”

Newcastle municipality gave the assurance that municipal site visits were regularly conducted at the centre, and the property would be maintained and cleaned on a daily basis by a designated cleaner.

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Zianne Leibrandt

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