Flouting constraints of furtive infatuation

NEWCASTLE – There’s that one person who will always have your heart. You don’t realise it at the time, but they’re your true love. You miss the opportunity of true love because life always seems to have other plans in store.

Circumstances change, you meet new people, and eventually lose touch with that special someone you sometimes think of in the lonely hours of the night.

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Then one day he strolls into your life again, just as perfect as you remember, and you realise no matter how much time has passed, no matter how you have changed as person, those feelings of a first love can never change.

Second chances – A Love Anthology features new and exclusive sweet romances from South African and American writers, Kathy Bosman, Patricia Kiyono, Pravina Maharaj, Leenna Naidoo and E.A.West.

These talented women have written a beautiful collection of feel-good stories sparkling with romance, woven together with the second chance theme.

The protagonists are five couples confronted with past heartbreaks and missed opportunities. Overcoming obstacles and finding out if love can work a second time round, hearts are healed and deeper bonds of love are forged.

Author and editor of the anthology, Kathy Bosman, said the idea for the collection was conceived when she wanted a platform for a story she had written. The online response was so positive that Kathy formed a group on Facebook and that was where these five authors met.

It was author, E.A. West who suggested donating the proceeds from the anthology to charity.

Kathy thought of her friends, Andrew and Jo-Ann Pienaar, who run Hope in Christ Children’s Home in Ingogo, and decided the home would be the deserving recipient of the proceeds.

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“I’ve seen the work they do and the impact they have on children and the community. I also know how much they need financial assistance,” she said.

Kathy’s first novel was published in 2012 and she recently started editing works of other writers. Her first fantasy novel will be published in January 2017.

“Newcastle has a great support structure for romance writers. Romance Writer’s Organisation of South Africa (ROSA) teaches skills on how to write correctly and offers advice. If it wasn’t for the organisation, I would not be published.”

Her advice to aspiring writers is to read a lot of books in the genre you want to write about. Join groups and get advice from other writers. She said you should never pay a publisher because the best ones are free.

“The first book you write probably won’t be published, but don’t give up, because the last book I tried to publish before I considered myself a failure, was the first to be published.”

Kathy hopes to publish a best-selling novel and extend her editing business in the near future.

Second Chances – A Love Anthology is available on pre-order on Amazon from November 20 and officially goes on sale November 30.

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Kathy appealed to the public to purchase a copy of the anthology online, as it would assist the home in providing home care, education, healthcare and recreation for the children.

Payal Devisingh

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