Water Facts: How much have the dams filled up over the past week?

NEWCASTLE – Dams around South Africa have risen over the past few weeks but authorities have said this amount still remains below average.

According to corporate stakeholder manager at Umgeni Water, Shami Hari-chunder, the Hazelmere system had returned to normal after a two-year drought and stringent water restrictions.

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The level of the Vaal Dam increased from 27.76 to 30.72 percent in the past week and is expected to rise some more over the next few months.

The Vaal Dam indicators:

Vaal Dam Indicators

In the weeks prior to the massive thunderstorms, the Vaal Dam had dropped to alarming rates of about 25 percent prompting authorities to replenish the dam. The Vaal supplies water to mainly Gauteng.

The total levels of water increased by one percent this week almost 16 percent lower than the levels last year around the same time.

Here is a brief summary of some of the dams:



Grootdraai Dam

Grootdraai Dam

For the full report on the dam levels and their indicators, click here.

For a more in depth rainfall update, visit the WeatherSA or click here. For the past monthly update, click here.

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