Bowling day crowns its kings

The Kings Day saw a full field of bowlers on the greens.

Burnt End

A full field of 36 teams from all parts of the KwaZulu-Natal Country Bowling District participated in the popular annual Kings Day sponsored trips competition at the weekend.

The innovative scoring system saw the lead change from game to game, and many teams who were in the top five going into the last game, found themselves falling further down the ladder.

After a most pleasant day, with the Willemse family doing everything in their power to ensure all the bowlers’ needs were catered for, and Monty Steel and his merry men entertaining the masses with their music, prizes were awarded to all teams.

The top five prizes went to:

John Cross, Henry Klofte and Nolan Malan of Vryheid (34 + 22), Douglas Steele, Adrian van der Merwe and Mike McArthur of Newcastle (32 + 32), Carel Arndt and team from Dundee (30 + 21), Rina Lloyd, Andre Dreyer and Noela Dreyer of Dundee (30 + 14), and the team of Lorraine Vincent, Sue Hutchinson and Trevor Moore from both Vryheid and Newcastle (29 + 16).

Bruce Douglas

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