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Name: Leean Murugan

Occupation: Hotel Manager at Garden Court Hotel, Blackrock.

Family: I have been married to my husband, Elton Govender, for nine years and we have two adorable daughters together. Elle is six-years-old and Alexa is just five-months-old.

Interesting fact about myself: In my spare time I love gardening. At Garden Court Hotel, we also began an initiative where each staff member is given vegetables to grow. Once the vegetables are harvested, they will be donated to local schools. We also believe in using recyclable water that we get from the condensation from our air-conditioners, to water these plants.

Leean always extends a helping hand and goes the extra mile for her guests. This has earned her this week’s title of Star of the Week. Congratulations Leean!

Tersia Gopi

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