Lungisa wants to write his way to success

Lungisa Mtshali is a promising author who is determined to see his book becoming a classic.

NEWCASTLE – As an English teacher at Hope High School, Lungisa Mtshali never intended to write a novel.

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However, he took up pen and paper and published his first book, The Magnitude of Small Things, in August.

The story revolves around the protagonist’s search for truth after a mysterious road accident. In their quest for answers, the characters find themselves questioning if anything was possible in a country which was at war within itself.

“I initially wanted to write poetry, but things changed when I decided to write a novel around my poetry.”

While researching, Mr Mtshali found political unrest a compelling topic.

“I read a lot of classics, which included To Kill a Mockingbird and books focusing on the current South Africa political world. I found myself wondering if things were really so bad.”

His book was born.

“I started the novel in 2014 and completed it in May this year. While it was published in August, I intend to introduce it in November.”

What he loved most about working on his book was the thrill of writing.

“I love the way you can create emotions in people with the written word.”

As he prepares to introduce his book to the community, Mr Mtshali has high hopes.

“I am hoping to see it becoming a classic in the literature world.”

Because of this dream, he intends to take up writing full-time.

“I enjoy teaching, but it clashes with being a full-time author. Both are full-time careers. With teaching, I have to plan classes and do marking. Writing demands a lot of research and formulating the plot of a book.”

In fact, Mr Mtshali intends to study law to broaden his scope.

“I want to take up law for the experience and to make extra money for my writing.”

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Mr Mtshali will promote The Magnitude of Small Things at the Newcastle Library on November 26.

“I will be there the whole day to do readings,” he concluded.

Quinton Boucher

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