Selfies are driving me crazy



I despise social media more and more as each day passes.

For once, I would like to go onto Facebook or Instagram and see something else other than people taking selfies.



Are people so narcissistic or do they need approval so badly, that they will literally spam social media in the hopes of getting some attention, therefore validating their lives?

We live in a beautiful world; why can’t they take photos of something else besides themselves?

By the way, I don’t mean people taking photos of their food. I don’t care what you had for breakfast, lunch or supper. Neither does anyone else.



Stop searching for approval from people. Go out and do something for your community instead, or take your dog for a walk. Go out, meet people in person and learn how to play a music instrument.

Learn a new language, read a book, play a sport or anything else, other than taking a selfie with the caption ‘I am at the gym’. I don’t care if you are at the gym either, it is not my fault you are conceited.

Get a life.

A real person

Quinton Boucher

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