I DO: How to choose the perfect wedding ring

I DO: How to choose the perfect wedding ring

All you need to know about finding the perfect fit! A plain wedding band or an over-sized diamond? Whatever style you’re into, choosing the perfect wedding ring can be a challenge!

Here’s our top 10 list to help illuminate your journey. 1. Research: You will be wearing this ring for many years. No other ring can replace it, nor will it hold the same meaning. So don’t just settle for anything. Make sure you do your research so you know what you are looking for; it will make the search so much easier. 2. Blend: If you already have your engagement ring, find a wedding band which matches it. Both rings should complement each other. 3. Mix and match: Choose the ring according to your preference and choice. The bride and grooms rings do not have to match in style or metal. Respect each other’s opinions and needs. 4. Get an early start: Don’t wait until the last minute to buy the rings! You need enough time to shop around and make the right choice, especially if engraving, resizing and fitting needs to be done. Those things can take a few weeks to sort out. 5. Consider the cost: Before you decide to spend thousands of rands on a ring, remember to keep in mind what it will cost to maintain it. For example, what will it cost to replace the stones if it were to fall out? 6. You’ve got time: Don’t worry you have time – shop around as much as possible. The more time you take, the more likely “The One” will choose you. 7. Everyday life: Make sure your ring suits your lifestyle. Your day-to-day activities could end up damaging your rings. 8. Personalise: It is always nice to add something personal to your wedding band. Have engravings done just to make it a little more special. 9. The right time: Depending on the time of day, your hands will either be more swollen or appear more petite. You don’t want the ring to not fit on the day of the wedding. Try to avoid early cold mornings or late hot afternoons when fitting your ring. 10. The one: When you’ve found the perfect ring, you will know. That’s when you stop looking. Don’t second guess yourself or settle for anything less. You do not want to regret your decision, as you will have to live with this ring for the rest of your life.

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