Paws for thought

Help Mickey find a home

He is excellent with children, and guaranteed to keep them busy for hours due to his energetic personality.

Help Snippy find a home

He is great with children and loves attention and will make a great addition to any family.

Help Troy find a home

He is good with children, and will keep them busy for hours, making him a great family pet. Troy deserves a loving home, and owners who will look after him.

Know the facts about rabies

Dogs are said to be the most common source of rabies. Rabies can be prevented in humans if the correct preventative treatment is administered following exposure to a rabid animal.

Help Hercules find a home

He now needs a loving home with enough space for this playful, energetic bundle of joy. Read more!

Giving second chances

Have you saved a life and adopted a pet? If so, send us a photo of your furry friend with the story behind their rescue, and we’ll include it in a coming edition.