Congratulations matrics

What became obvious to me is that the students all displayed a great work ethic and all of them said hard work and dedication paid off for them in the end.

LETTER: Ashamed of Newcastle

Erecting signs has absolutely no impact whatsoever, which means that even putting them up is a waste of money if nothing is being done to actually stop the problem.

LETTER: Are DVD days over?

Gone are the days when patience was a virtue and when you had to anticipate and look forward to something.

Dear Mayor the people are unhappy

I have not travelled on St Dominic Street lately but I know few years back, already it was bad. Read more

Dog chained to a pole without any food or water

I noticed a dog chained to a pole without any food or water at a factory in the Industrial Area. I immediately phoned the SPCA and reported the matter. Read more

Newcastle residents, please be alert

I just happened to keep on noticing him that he wasn’t working but looking at our house all the time. He couldn’t see me because I was on our verandah.