Letter to the editor

As ek egter terugdink, het die Advertiser ‘n paar jaar gelede berig van plante, bome en struike wat ‘n mens nie in jou tuin mag plant nie.

A chuckle a day keeps the misery away

“Johnny,” she says, “If I hear one more “Mommy. I want this; I want that” you’ll be in big trouble! I don’t want to hear the word ‘Mommy’ again tonight. Now off to bed you go!”

Thumbs up to the Oval Track

We take so much for granted in our lives, yet I have seen first hand how autism can affect a family and an individual with the ‘disorder’.

Lets not forget the true meaning of Easter

For me, this commercialised version is not what Easter is all about. Easter is about Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, his crucifixion and resurrection. His desire to save mankind from the selfishness that often consumes us.

Road madness begins

I can empathise that your wife or girlfriend has left you, but don’t come to me every five minutes at the office to tell me how sad you feel. I feel sad because you won’t let me finish my work.

Newcastle, a community of love

As a mother, I understand how Ms Kasim’s love for her child lead her to ask for help via social media. But it is not everyday, that help comes so quickly.

Is racism alive and well in Newcastle?

Despite all the awareness and education that takes place around the country, there are still those who feel nothing about judging the lives of others and this is shocking to me.