An overgrowth years in the making

Residents in the area have complained of a greatly overgrown property in close proximity to a temple, a school and various residences.

Snakes and grass overrun village

Residents reported to the Advertiser this week how fed-up they were, complaining about a blatant lack of service delivery which had serious consequences.

Billboards give advertising a high in Newcastle CBD

Portfolio Councillor for Development Planning and Human Settlements, Matthew Shunmugam explained the pylons for the billboards had been erected on Hardwick and Allen streets, among other arterial routes.

Newcastillians are left in the dark

A resident on Victoria Street said he was tired of non-functioning street lights and claimed they contributed to crime. Although he reported the problem to the Newcastle Municipality several times, nothing has been done to solve it.

Long grass and bricks obscure motorists’ visibility

The resident also alleged bricks on a vacant plot of land in Flamingo Street, at the same intersection, obscured the view of motorists, and together with the long grass posed a threat to home and hearth, especially during the dry winter months when veld fires were prevalent.