Man robbed by three women in broad daylight

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A trip to the hospital turned into a nightmarish ordeal for a man, when he was accosted by three women.

“He was giving out food to underprivileged people, when he received a call to go the hospital. While at the Allen Street and Drakensberg Drive intersection, a woman jumped into the front cab with him and pulled out a knife. Before he could react, two other woman jumped in the back,” said a source, speaking on behalf of the victim.

Stunned by the audacity of the women, the driver’s nightmare was far from over when the first woman threatened him with the knife and demanded R3 000.

“He did not have the money and had to withdraw R1 000 from an ATM at one of the malls. When he told the woman he could only withdraw R1 000 from the ATM, she demanded he go inside the bank and withdraw the other R2 000.”

With the woman in tow, leaving the other two women in the bakkie, the man went into the bank and withdrew the cash.

“No one noticed a thing and he was too scared to say anything. However, when they got outside and back to his vehicle, the victim told the three women he was going to call the police,” said the source.

The next thing, two of the woman removed some of their clothing.

“They said if he contacted the police, they would say he attempted to rape them.”

Fearing the worst, he handed over the money to the women.

They allegedly demanded their victim drive them to Ladysmith.

“When they got to the traffic lights near the casino, he lost his temper and hit the woman who was with him in front. She jumped out the vehicle and ran off with her two friends.”

The victim returned home, but did not open a case because he was afraid the women would claim he sexually assaulted them.

Lizzy Arumugam, from the SAPS communications department, confirmed a case was not opened.

While encouraging victims of crime to step forward and report crimes to the police, there are safety tips for motorists to adhere to.

1. Have your keys ready when approaching your vehicle, and do a quick scan of the back seat before getting in

2. Be aware of any activity near your vehicle

3. Be aware of people who may be following you to your vehicle

4. Lock the doors when inside the vehicle.

5. Exercise caution when people approach your vehicle requesting directions, change, or giving out flyers.

6. When stopping in traffic, leave enough distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you so you can pull away quickly if needed.


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