FRUSTRATION: Taxpayer waiting in frustration for tax return


Madam – I don’t think I am the only taxpayer who has to wait in frustration for the turnaround of auditors to finalise the tax return.

No matter what companies put in place to cut out corruption, it will always be a nightmare and these corruptors will always walk away without being caught. If the tax return amount is for instance below ten thousand rand, let those tax returns be handled quickly and the taxpayers be refunded.

Those that are higher, investigate and resolve as soon as possible. What I don’t know is if there is racism also involved in this turnaround time of auditors. But will be interesting to know if it is just simple intentionally be placed on hold or just plainly ignored.

To catch a thief, you must think like a thief. I really hope that the South African Revenue Service will have a better system in place in handling all tax returns promptly and without question or further frustration for the year 2018. I understand that each company need to put rules and regulations in place, but trust me, nothing you do will catch a thief even if they look honest.

All the best to the hard working employees of the South African Revenue Service.


Reveshni Moodley

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