Tekkie Tax Day; Let your feet speak for your heart

National Tekkie Tax Day is a fun way of raising funds for a charity sector close to your heart.

NEWCASTLE – National Tekkie Tax Day has been on the South African calendar for the last four years, and this time it will be celebrated on Friday, May 26.

This campaign gives you the opportunity to express where your heart lies, using your feet. Choose your sticker for a cause close to your heart, lace up your tekkies with a funky pair of Tekkie Tag shoelaces and you are ready for National Tekkie Tax Day!

There are 12 national beneficiaries, and they represent more than 1 000 local non-profit organisations.

Tekkie Tax raised more than R22-million so far, and the impact on ground level is remarkable.

There is really no excuse to not participate in this year’s campaign. Stickers cost R10 each and Tekkie Tax shoelaces cost R35 and are available from all Clicks, Toys R Us and Babies R us stores.

Orders can also be placed online on the Tekkie Tax website; www.tekkietax.co.za.

For more information, contact Rene de Beer on 012 663 8181 or alternatively, email her at tekkietax.co.za

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